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The story of Leaving The Frame Trailer: To break out of the drama and find out who Maria is next to the movie and TV actress, she moves out with her boyfriend Manuel. In Kenya, Ehrich tries to be a journalist, which means that in a village of the "Samburu" tribe, where only women are allowed to live, she gloriously fails. Later they travel to North America and search for a travel vehicle in Mexico City. After a long search for a car, they finally find what they are looking for: The vehicle of their choice was built 80 years ago for the first time and has just 50 hp. It is a VW "Beetle" with which they eventually drive 20,000 kilometers from Mexico City to Newfoundland. The two sleep in a hinged roof tent. On their journey, Maria and Manuel meet people who fascinate them and from whose stories they learn and grow. Such as the animal rights activist Simon Thomsett, who lives completely secluded with his eagle in the bush of Kenya. Or about Sister Mary Jane, who has already raised more than 300 orphans all alone. And Maria and Manuel succeed in leaving lasting impressions. So they make it with a donation call, the orphan Tabitha to allow an eye surgery, so that they can go back to school. After visiting New York, they fulfill their biggest dream for the Jewish artist and Holocaust survivor, Jurek Bitter. They invite the New Yorker to Berlin and organize an exhibition of his works. But the trip is not only characterized by success. After a few setbacks, the two reach their limits and have to find a way to make the trip as a couple.Actor: Maria Ehrich, Manuel Vering
Director: Maria Ehrich, Manuel Vering
Production: Maria Ehrich, Manuel Vering
Film Music: Michael Kondaurow, Christian Weygand, Max van Dusen (Studio 25)
Production Country & Year: Germany, 2019
Roles: Maria EhrichherselfManuel Veringhimself

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