Right Sympathizers at Work ?: Unknown Disguises NSU Memorial

              Friday, 04. October 2019

Obviously capped on purpose: the newly planted oak was planted in memory of Enver Simsek.
(Photo: © Stadt Zwickau)

              Horror in Zwickau: A freshly planted oak tree, which was to commemorate one of the ten victims of the "National Socialist Underground" as a commemorative tree, is being cut. Mayor Findeiß wants to report.
              In Zwickau, Saxony, unknown perpetrators sawed off a memorial tree that had been planted as a living memorial for the first NSU murder victim, Enver Simsek. Lord Mayor Pia Findeiß reacted in dismay and spoke of a "ruthless act". "The sawing off of the tree is evidence of intolerance, a lack of understanding of democracy and contempt for terror victims and their families," said Findeiß. "It also shows that some people unfortunately did not understand what inhumane acts the terrorists of the NSU committed." The young oak had only been planted in memory of Simsek on 8 September. The city administration explained in view of the incident, there was currently no knowledge about the exact time of the crime and the perpetrators. The city will report. The right-wing extremists Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundlos had shot the Turkish florist Simsek in September 2000 in Nuremberg. The murder of the family man was the prelude to the murder series of the National Socialist Underground (NSU), in which ten people lost their lives. In Zwickau, where the NSU trio Böhnhardt, Mundlos and Beate Zschäpe had lived for years, trees were to be planted for all ten victims.

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