No room, kitchen, bathroom: TV social documentary about the housing shortage in Germany

 State of emergency on the housing market in Germany: Rents in major cities are rising and social housing is often being converted into luxury apartments. The weakest are the hardest hit. How difficult it is currently to find affordable housing in Germany, shows the new RTL II social documentary: Four individual fates are accompanied over three months. "No room, kitchen, bathroom" clarifies – housing shortage can hit anyone.
Bianca has lived for nine years with daughter Lakisha (8) and son Jermaine (7), in a moldy apartment in Nuremberg. In order not to endanger the health of her children any more, Bianca has placed the children with a friend. As the family no longer wants to live apart, Bianca starts looking for a new home. Will someone give a single dwelling to a single mother looking for work?
After a serious accident, father Michael Hartz IV. The rent could not always be paid on time. Although the landlord was aware of the tragic circumstances, he has terminated the five-member families. So far, the Triebenbachers from Pöttmes have already visited over 80 apartments. Will Michael, Nicole, Angelina (16), Chantal (11) and Maximilian (8) find a new home?
Frank (58) is one of about 18 million single people in Germany and lives in Munich. When, six years earlier, he moves to an older lady's room in a 15m² room, she promises to register with the landlord. After the surprise death of the main tenant Frank has to realize that she has missed exactly this. The result: The landlord threatens the 58-year-old with a police clearance.
The five-headed Frank family from Coburg must cope several fate blows. Triple mother Katrin (37) suffers from the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis, which limits her ability to move. The many steps in the multi-storey house become a problem for the 37-year-old son Laurin (11). Laurin has been mentally disabled since birth. Dad Oliver has given up his job and maintains the two full-time. But they urgently need a handicapped accessible apartment. With two care cases, the Frank family is considered as non-terminable. Will you still find a new landlord to help you in your distress?
The program is produced by Janus TV GmbH. "No Room, Kitchen, Bath": on Tuesday, October 22, 2019, at 8:15 pm on RTL II.

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