On average far ahead of the US: Germans consume the most paper

              Saturday, 05. October 2019

Particularly due to the increasing online mail order business, paper consumption has increased.
(Photo: picture-alliance / dpa)

              The Germans consume more paper per capita than the citizens of all other G20 countries. With well over 200 kilograms, the cut, according to the government even far above that of the United States. The government and its authorities themselves consumed more than a billion sheets of paper in 2015 alone.
              According to the German Federal Government, the per capita consumption of paper, board and cardboard in Germany is higher than in any other G20 industrial and emerging market. As reported by the "Saarbrücker Zeitung", it was 241.7 kilograms last year. Even the US came with just under 211 kilograms only in second place, writes the paper, citing information from the federal government to a request of the Greens. Accordingly, in Germany in particular the consumption of paper packaging has increased significantly. Most recently, he was at 96.3 kilograms per capita, in 1991 it was still just under 70 kilograms. Cause of this development is the strong increase of the on-line trade, it was said. The Federal Government and its downstream authorities also contribute to the high consumption. In 2015, it reportedly consumed 1.15 billion sheets of paper. The environmental spokeswoman for the Greens parliamentary group, Bettina Hoffmann, said the newspaper, the forest requirement for the German paper production included purely mathematically an area of ​​40,000 football pitches. Necessary is a legally anchored waste prevention target, which also includes paper and cardboard, Hoffmann said.

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