Rock Hard – APOCALYPTICA: 'Ashes Of The Modern World' video released by the 'Cell-0' album


04.10.2019, 10:57

APOCALYPTICA will be back with their new album "Cell-0" on January 10th. As a first taste, the band has released 'Ashes Of The Modern World'.

Four years have passed since the last studio album, which the cello rockers have used to gain a new perspective on their music. "Cell-0" is the first purely instrumental APOCALYPTICA album in 17 years, and challenged the musicians to use their instruments to create new timbres. The 'Ashes Of The Modern World' clip was produced by Ville Juurikkala, who has been working with artists how GUNS N 'ROSES, AEROSMITH and ANDREA BOCELLI worked together.


Author: Ronny Bittner

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