NAVI CIS: New episodes start in Sat 1

 Fresh wind in the SAT.1-Crime lineup. Three US thriller series will be starting next week with new episodes: First, there will be on Tuesday (08.10.) Fresh investigation of the 16th season of "Navy CIS" (20:15 clock) and the tenth season of "Navy CIS: LA " (21:15 clock). As of Thursday (10/10), New York's FBI agents Bell (pictured) and Zidan (Zeeko Zaki) venture into new, spectacular cases in Dick Wolf's "FBI: Special Crime Unit" (8:15 pm) , The new Crime Line-up in SAT.1: From Tuesday, October 8, 2019: 20: 15 clock: launch "Navy CIS", new episodes of the season 16 Germany premiere
21:15 clock: launch "Navy CIS: L.A.", new episodes of the season 10 Germany premiere
22:15: "Hawaii Five-0", Season 9 Germany premiere
From Thursday, October 10, 2019: 8:15 pm: Launch of "FBI: Special Crime Unit", new episodes of season one free-TV premiere
9:15 pm: "Criminal Minds", Season 8
22:15: "Bull", new episodes of the season 3 free TV premiere
23:10: "Bull", Season 1

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