Taken 4: So the chances of a sequel

 At that time Taken was a big surprise for many. The action film starring Liam Neeson was very successful and demanded more films. These came then with Taken 2 and 3, which should bring the trilogy actually to the conclusion. But now there are rumors about a fourth part that could be planned. Here you will learn the chances for Taken 4. Actually, Liam Neeson and director Olivier Megaton were quite unanimous. After Taken 2 you wanted to let the franchise rest. The fact that Taken 3 was refilled was not least due to the huge fee for lead actor Neeson. This was lured with 20 million dollars, in order to play again. By then, 5 years have passed and it was quiet about the film series. Recently, however, rumors that a fourth part would not be impossible.
But this message comes with a great deal of skepticism. For Neeson himself had said after Part 3 that there are no plans for the next sequel. But if one thinks of the incredible success of the Taken series, it is not impossible yet. The other films by Neeson did not play nearly the same amount of money. Only the action thriller Non-Stop reached with 222.8 million dollars a similar height as the first Taken movie ($ 226.8 million). It would be a missed opportunity to leave the successful franchise forever.
A possible story for Taken 4 would even be given. At the end of the last part Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) granddaughter Lenore was born. If Taken 4 is again about kidnapping, Lenore would be the easiest target. Or we could say goodbye to Mills completely and follow a new character. This would give a well-deserved break to the eternal family drama of Mills. After all, any further catastrophe in his life becomes more and more unbelievable. We are curious which decision will be made in the end.
You barely remember the last Taken movie? Then we have the trailer for Taken 3 in our video player for you. Simply click to start the video.

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