Tweet: China plunges the NBA into trouble

              Tuesday, October 08, 2019

The good mood between the NBA stars like LeBron James and the Chinese fans is gone for the moment.
(Photo: imago / Imaginechina)

              Tensions between China and the North American basketball professional league NBA continue to increase. A short tweet has shaken the relationship, so far, all efforts to return the broken pieces, were unsuccessful.
              Seven words have shaken a perfect world. A short tweet from Daryl Morey, general manager of Houston Rockets, and the just as economically significant relationship between the North American basketball professional league NBA and China is badly damaged. The tensions are increasing rather than decreasing, excuses have no effect. Morey posted "Fight For Freedom Stand With Hong Kong" at the end of last week, expressing his support for the pro-democracy demonstrators in the Special Administrative Region. Of course an absurdity for China, it hails since then criticism. It did not help that Morey deleted his entry and quickly rowed back. The dispute has now reached the next level. Chinese television now broadcast live coverage of two NBA pre-season games to be held in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Whether the Los Angeles Lakers around superstar LeBron James and the Brooklyn Nets will face each other twice on Thursday and Saturday may be doubted. In the run-up to the two games, pros and officials from the Nets teamed up with officials from China's NBA officials on Tuesday To attend primary school in Shanghai, the appointment was canceled two hours before the start without giving reasons. "The CCTV sports channel has decided not to pursue the plans to broadcast the NBA China Games any more, and the entire cooperation and communication with the NBA is reconsidered," it said in a message from the station to the rejection.Economic damage already noticeableThe NBA is in a quandary. Because the League is committed to the right to freedom of expression again and again, boss Adam Silver emphasized that again. "The NBA will not dictate to players, employees and officials what they have to say or not to say on these issues, so we just can not act," the Commissioner said Tuesday: "Values ​​such as equality, respect and freedom of expression have been defining long the NBA. " And: "We do not apologize for Daryl's freedom of expression." Silver knows that this road is expensive. The economic damage is already felt. It could get even bigger, because the market is huge. In the preseason 500 million Chinese have seen at least one NBA game live. It hurts that even a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman publicly criticized Morey's Tweet. "The NBA has capitulated to China." James Harden loves China. (Photo: imago images / ZUMA Press) To deal with the crisis, the league gets its fat away even at home in the US. "The NBA has just capitulated to China," the Washington Post wrote, adding that it was "shocking, but not a surprise." James Harden, for example, had been forced to publicly apologize. "We apologize, we love China," said the superstar of the Rockets on the sidelines of two preparatory games in Tokyo. Effect did not show the statement. The in the Middle Kingdom actually enormously popular NBA faces a wave of rejection. Numerous Chinese celebrities announced that they wanted to boycott the duels between the Lakers and the Nets. Spicy is that Houston created the problem. The Rockets have since 2002 a large fan base in China. At that time, the club brought the Chinese basketball idol Yao Ming. Today, the 39-year-old is in his home association president, nor is he down to business.

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