2016 Compilation CD

The accomplished women performing at the first Gulfport Peace, Love & Women Music Festival have each provided an original song for the first Peace, Love & Women music compilation CD that will be available at the Festival. There’s also a bonus track by Lynn DiVenuti, Festival Producer.


  1. Barbara Lane- THERE IS A PLACE
  2. Joyful Noise with a Side of Jerky- POP THE TOP
  3. Rebekah Pulley- ISLAND OF YOU
  4. Gale Trippsmith- BEAUTIFUL DAY
  5. Janie Richards- DON’T SWEAT IT
  6. Regina AaMAcha- SUNSHINE COAST
  7. Rebecca Bird- ONE STEP AT A TIME
  8.   Cyndi Burger- OFF OF THIS RIDE
  9. Wendy Rich- LOSING YOU
    Bonus Track
  10. Lynn DiVenuti- RAMBLIN’