Geri X

Geri X is a Bulgarian-born singer-songwriter whose music shows influences of several genres including folk, psychedelic rock, Americana, and post-rock. She has garnered a sizable fan base and critical acclaim in the Tampa Bay music scene.

From the moment she broke onto the Tampa Bay music scene, fans and critics recognized that Geri is an artist with a singular sound you have not heard before.

In the process of sharing her songs, Geri bares her soul to ease the audience’s emotions. It is the strength of the voice and the charge to each word that draws them to a halt. “Geri X is a poet, rebel, and a singer with a voice that is demanding to be heard. She carries the intensity of a Mike Tyson punch with the serene beauty of one of the best female vocalists of this era” (L.A. Post).

She has received countless accolades for her work, including “Best of Indie” by Rolling Stone Magazine 2011 (Europe), Creative Loafing’s Best Singer Songwriter 5 times, “Woman of Indie 2013” of IRM, as well as playing Summerfest, Verge, Joshua Tree, Steel Bridge Song Festival, Folk Fest, Girls Out Loud. to new a few.

Aside from being a workaholic and an alluring performer, often carrying out few shows in a day, Geri is a prolific songwriter. This is a fundamental quality, which combined with her work ethic and the gift of sharing make her a true artist: one you can connect to.

Whether playing with a full band or on stage with just a guitar, Geri is simply captivating. One only needs to experience it.

Born in Bulgaria, Geri grew up in Pleven and Versailles France. She spent 13 years studying classical piano and hated it. At the age of 17, Geri moved to the United States with her family, making Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida home. In 2001 and began her ascent to become one of Tampa Bay’s beloved new artists.