Refund Information for Gulfport Peace, Love & Women Music Festival 2017

We’re sorry that circumstances related to Hurricane Irma required us to cancel the Gulfport Peace, Love & Women Music Festival. It was a difficult decision.
All refunds will be processed after September 18th.

Tickets purchased online will be refunded using the original payment method.

Tickets purchased at one of the ticket outlets will be refunded as follows:
Mail your actual original paper tickets to Business Brainstormers, PO Box 530544, Gulfport, FL 33747
Upon receipt of the tickets, we will mail a refund.
If you wish to have a record of mailing the tickets, we suggest that you take a photo of the tickets with your cell phone. This will also provide you with a timestamp.

Headliners The Souliz Band with Sugar & Spice
plus the Julie Black Band, the Patty Sanphy Band, DeLaran & Elysian Sex Drive, and Geri X


“These artists were selected to bring some of Tampa Bay’s best women performers into the limelight,” said Festival Producer Lynn DiVenuti of Business Brainstormers.

Thank You to Our 2017 Sponsors & Vendors

Order the official 2016 Festival CD today.

Headlining the first Festival was Wendy Rich with the Soul Shakers. 2016 Blues Hall of Fame inductee Wendy Rich traveled the world from 2000-2004 as front person for legendary Janis Joplin’s original band Big Brother & the Holding Company and still occasionally makes appearances with them. The all day Festival featured the A-list of Tampa Bay’s most dedicated and accomplished women performers including Rebecca Bird with Steve Arvey, Cyndi Burger -One Girl Band, Regina AaMacha, Janie Richards with Motel Funk, Gale Trippsmith with Doug Bliss, Emilia Mele, Joyful Noise with a Side of Jerky, and Barbara Lane with David Lane.

These accomplished women each provided an original song for a fabulous compilation of original tunes. There’s also a bonus track by Lynn DiVenuti, Festival Producer.

Purchase a CD today.
Only $10 plus $3 postage for each CD

The 2016 CD Line-Up:

1-Barbara Lane- THERE IS A PLACE
2-Joyful Noise with a Side of Jerky- POP THE TOP
3-Rebekah Pulley- ISLAND OF YOU
4-Gale Trippsmith- BEAUTIFUL DAY
5-Janie Richards- DON’T SWEAT IT
7-Rebecca Bird- ONE STEP AT A TIME
8-Cyndi Burger- OFF OF THIS RIDE
9-Wendy Rich- LOSING YOU
10-Bonus Track: Lynn DiVenuti- RAMBLIN’

For more information, please call Festival headquarters in Gulfport at 727-289-9365 or email

Ticket Outlets (after August 1st):
The Historic Gulfport Casino, 5500 Shore Blvd S
Gulfport Beach Bazaar, 3115 Beach Blvd S